Dear friends,

let us introduce to you the commonly beneficial association Aregua.

This association was based on agreement of Father Marek Duda in order to help the missionary activities. In co-operation with the local humanitarian association based by Father Marek, the aim is to mainly support and assist the children and youth. Many buildings were built near the town Areguá in past years - the canteen for children and drug dependents, monastery, nunnery, covered area serving for catechistic use, stay and entertainment of children, swimming pool and place for children to play, fountain with water-tower, electric coverage. Buildings were mostly built thanks to benefits from Jihlava and other places in The Czech Republic. However, it is necessary to build up the health-care center, houses for orphans and disabled people with their assisctants, bakery and cooking equipment, water pipes, school facilities etc.

In November 2008

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