House for mother and child

There is great amount of orphaned children, who are left without any help and care in Paraguay too. For them we are preparing project about building a center „House for mother and child“.

It’s already done the project of the house, which was made for granted by architect in Paraguay. The house is covered with roof, with multi-purpose area, surrounded by the rooms and social services which is destined to serve to mothers with children or orphans in the most difficult life situations preventing them to stay homeless without help.

The roofed over part of the house can serve as a play area for children and offer space for spending time together.

The expenses on constructing this house are numbered at 160 000,- Eur, tj. cca 4-4,2 mil. Kč. For this purpose there will be set up a public collecting of many with special number account, about which we will inform you later on.

Account no.:218475359/0300, VS 3000.

Prepared project - House for mother and child:
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