Since January 2009 we are presenting you here children or students, which would be in need to receive your support ,so that they could better get ready for their independent living. Here you see list of children which are waiting for their adoptive parents. When clicking on the little photo, the enlarged version will appear.

Children usually have both parents or they live with mother, however they have large amount of sibbling sand their parents are not able to maintain them all together with having a possibility to send them to school to get even basic education. In most cases, the parents arent literate and educated neither. It s well known, that exactly the non-availability of education in Paraguay is the cause of serious problems of the society and critical poverty.

If you select any child:
  1. Send us please, through a contact on site “Contact us“ your email address, your name and surname and eventually even your contact phone number and into the space named „Thank You for your opinion“ write in the name of the child that you have selected and wish to support.
  2. Within a week of time you will receive a confirmation mail or letter, depending whether you have an access to the mail – about reservation of the child and instructions about the payments.
  3. After receiving your payment we will send you further and more detailed information about the child (student) together with photo.
  4. Adoptive parent will be informed at the end of each school year about the progresses and academic achievements of their adoptive child together with new actual photo. Children who already will be literate and able to write will send even a personal short letter.

Child or student will be supported by continuous payment each year in the month of initial adoption. For child it will be a figure of 8000,-Kčtj, around 420 USD. From the an amount of 100 USD will be used for the tuition at school and essential facilities, uniforms etc. and the rest of the money will be dedicated to the basic health care, clothes and food in the centre.

Money will be gathered at the principal account of the association Aregua. Account number.: 218475359/0300, variable symbol will be give individually to each child and you will receive it together with the basic information about your selected child.

Thank you for interest. All here mentioned children and students have already found their benefactors. On the 13.10.2009 it is 14 children and 7 students. We prepare others for you, be patient please. Thanks for understanding.

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