The Center of God's grace

Twenty years ago, first Father Rufin came to Paraguay and he settled down in the capital city Asuncion. It was him, who firstly came up with the project of setting up a Center of God's grace. Later on, other Fathers came to co-operate with Father Rufin who eventually gained as a present 4 ha of land 40km away from the capital city in Areguá v Cocue Gasu. This land was waiting more than 15 years, as long as, plans and projects were designed only on papers but never put in practise. Who knows why God wanted it this way.

Father provincial in 2005 put forward his intentions to Father Marek and this way it was decided about building the Center.

The land appears on one of the hilss, in between the village of Cocue Gasu, San Miguel and Estansuela, 10km from Aregua, 3km from lake Yapacarai. In year 2005, Father Darek Gaczynski is coming hel Father Marek and develope together the work with youth.

Construction works begun in year 2006.

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